Automatic and semi-automatic trading

The DsTrader Lite provides powerful and fast tools for automatic and semi-automatic trading: the Automatic Spreads, Auto-Reflection and Scalper orders.

Automatic Spreads are the fully automated algorithms for two products trading. Any two products from any Exchange can be used as the legs of the Spread.

The user defines the offsets for price calculation and the quantities to be traded.

The system submits the initial orders and they automatically follow the market, according to algorithm.
When initial order trades, the system automatically sends either a market or a limit order to the opposite leg. It automatically keeps positions of the legs according to defined ratios.

  • User can create any number of Automatic Spreads, flexibly control their parameters, and change the settings on the fly.
  • The automatic orders can also be displayed in special Spread Ladder. This window allows to flexibly modify the trading parameters of the Automatic Spread during the market movement.
  • For semi-automatic trading the DsTrader Lite provides Auto-Reflection, Scalper and Trailing Stop orders.

Auto-Reflection order, when traded, automatically sends opposite order with given price displacement to the same product assigned directly in order ticket.
Thus the system submits a pair of BUY-SELL or SELL-BUY orders.

Auto-Reflection order to a different product. When such order trades, the opposite order is sent to a different product.
For this new order the system uses predefined price and quantity or the ratio of quantities.

Scalper order, when traded, automatically sends an opposite auto-reflection order with predefined price displacement. In this way the algorithm continues to send after each fill the opposite order (i.e a sell order on a buy trade confirmation and a buy order on a sell trade confirmation).

Possibility of using an automatic Trailing Stop order. Trailing Stop-loss orders automatically follows the market and keeps track of current position and last traded price. When position changes from long to short (or vice versa) the system changes Trailing Stop order from SELL to BUY (or from BUY to SELL).

Along with automatic and semi-automatic orders the DsTrader Lite supports all order types the Interactive Brokers API provides:

  • Stock, Option and Future LIMIT, MARKET, STOP-LIMIT, STOP-MARKET orders
  • Good Till Date, DAY, Immediate and Cancel, Fill Or Kill
  • Iceberg orders
  • Semi-automatic orders


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