DsRiskManager is a sophisticated and flexible tool that perfroms overall control of multiple DsTraders in real time.

The DsRiskManager dynamically calculates the P&L and positions per trader, per group and for the entire company. It provides a flexible system of constraints for pre-trade Risk management. It has a set of color events and sound alerts to signal the risk manager about potential violation of constraints.

Additionally, the DsRiskManager provides control of traders per exchange (Exchange Managers), keeps the list of traders, assigns traders to exchanges, establishes relationships between products of different exchanges, keeps the currency rates.

Exchange Manager windows

The following picture shows the example of Exchange Manager windows for OPTIQ, XETRA and EUREX exchanges.  Each of windows contains tree-like list of traders that are allowed to use the given exchange. For each of traders the Manager window can display the list of trade confirmations, the trader's Risk including Position, P&L and Net P&L, the trading constraints, list of products, etc.

DsRisk Manager

Overall Risk window

The Overall Risk is dynamically calculated per company, per trader and per product. The system provides P&L and Net P&L values, Positions, Last Traded and Settlement prices. The picture below displays the sample content of the Overall Risk window.

DsRisk Manager

Along with OVERALL Risk the above window has the tabs that show the list of trade confirmations, Orders/Trades ratio, list of manual trade confirmations, the detalied information about orders (Trade Surveillance).


DsRiskManager implements a set of trading contraints that limit the trader activities in order to mitigate the risk. The constraints are individual for each exchange. For example, below the set of contraints is shown for Eurex anf XETRA for DsTrader with login TRADER:

DsRisk Manager

The contraints include such parameters as position limit, maximal Buy and Sell quantities. The risk manager can set permission for a trader to use Automatic Spreads. He can disable trader from sending Buy or Sell orders. Finally, the risk manager can force the trader to close the position for certain product (checkbox Close All).

The contraints are applied to the DsTrader system as soon as DsRiskManager software sets them.

Exchange Hosts

The DsRiskManager controls the exchange connectivity software (Exchange Hosts). The Host Manager window maintains the list of all Hosts in the system, assignment of traders to Hosts, settings of Hosts parameters, remote startup and shutdown of the Hosts.

The next picture displays the sample Host Manager with hosts for Eurex, XETRA, Euronext (Optiq) and Interactive Brokers connectivity:

DsRisk Manager

Trades Surveillance

According to exchange requirements, the database of the DsTrader/DsRiskManager system keeps historical information about all operations with orders and quotes (Submit, Modify, Delete) together with Market Depth information at the moment of operation.

The tab Trades Surveillance of the Overall Risk shows this information with ability to filter it by trader, by product and for a given period of time. The selected information can be exported to MS Excel file.

DsRisk Manager

Common Orderbook

The DsRiskManager implements the Common Orderbook window where all active orders of all DsTrader users are visible:

DsRisk Manager

The risk manager can delete selected orders of the trader, he can modify the price and quantity of the order, or he can submit his own order on behalf of selected trader.


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