DsTrader Lite: reliable tool for Options, Futures and Stocks trading

For comfortable trading of various financial instruments the user can efficiently control his windows on the screen, create individual mouse actions and hot keys (keyboard accelerators).

The user of our system can create unlimited number of Custom Views - the windows with user-defined set of financial instruments, columns, colors and fonts.

Each View has a custom set of columns and rows the user wants to display. The user can assign to views any font, text color and background color of grid columns. The system will store the settings together with windows size and position on the screen.

Mouse Actions allow to perform submission, editing and deletion or orders by single mouse click. Mouse Actions can be associated with any column of any window in the system.

The actions user defines give him the opportunity to use for example one mouse click for one of following actions:

  • Submit an order,
  • Modify an order,
  • Delete an order,
  • Get a new order ticket up.

In fact, all possible mouse actions user can think of can be added to the system very quickly.

Hot keys (keyboard accelerators) are designed for quick submission of orders, for opening of order tickets, and other trading activities.

Along with user-defined windows the DsTrader Lite provides the set of standard windows like Market Depth, Multi-Product Depth, the Ladder, Time & Sales window, and various order books.


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