DsTrader Lite - traditions and high standards in trading

The DsTrader Lite is the version of professional DsTrader software that proved its reliability and efficiency during years for hundreds of traders.

The DsTrader trading system successfully works in global trading venues as Euronext, Eurex, XETRA, and many others.

The DsTrader Lite is based on DsTrader platform and is specially optimized to work with Interactive Brokers API, to combine the advantages of powerful Interactive Brokers platform with our elegant and simple user interface.

The key characteristics of DsTraderLite are:

  • System is designed for quick manual trading.
  • The trader can assign Mouse Actions for left or right click on any cell of information grids of the system
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow to assign the set of predefined actions to any key
  • Variety of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic orders
  • Real time Profit and Loss and Position calculations
  • User can create multiple windows including Custom Views for display of market data and for trading.


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